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Lead ore is most commonly found as lead sulphide (PbS) galena a heavy shiny grey metallic ore with a conspicuous cubic cleavage but locally pyromorphite lead chlorophosphate (Pb 5 (PO 4) 3 Cl) was worked on Green Hill near Charterhouse and on Blagdon Hill. Around Charterhouse the lead ore contained small amounts of silver.

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2011102&ensp·&enspMineral exploration flow diagram is sequentially synthesized to evaluate property at the end of each stage for economic significance and opens two alternative paths suggesting either to level pass and continue successive exploration activity or to store conditionally on the shelf for the future (Fig. 10.11).The objectives of search and preparation requirements are defined at the beginning.

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Native Lead is a very rare mineral with few noteworthy localities. Perhaps the best collectors specimens come from Langban Sweden. The Harstigen Mine in Varmland Sweden has also produced a amount of Lead and it has also recently been found in the

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Native lead is rare lead is far more commonly found and mined as the lead sulphide mineral galena. The Romans named the refined metal 'plumbum' and used it for pipes in plumbing. Its major use today is in leadacid batteries and for radiation shields. It is also a constituent of lowmelting alloys. Native lead is somewhat ductile and very


2012810&ensp·&enspMineral identification by Xray diffraction technique is based on the diffraction peaks at various 20 values corresponding to dspacing characteristic to the mineral. As each mineral has a characteristic crystallographic identity its dspacings are characteristic and the set of diffraction peaks are characteristic based on Bragg's law.

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Location type mineralogy name tonnage and grade and geological setting for 120 deposits of this type. The US has no active nickel mines or nickel reserves. Info NiCo laterite deposits of the worlddatabase and grade and tonnage models. Location type mineralogy name tonnage and grade and geological setting for 120 deposits of this type.

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Location and details of the 7 hydrothermal fields and their respective geological settings studied Lead and Ag concentrations on the other hand are in pyrite/marcasite. This is largely a function of the overall Fecontent of the sample (and oxidation) rather than mineral or geological setting. Similarly Co concentrations are variable

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Santos G. (1974) Mineral Distribution and Geological Features of the Philippines. In Petrascheck W.E. (eds) Metallogenetische und Geochemische Provinzen / Metallogenetic and Geochemical Provinces. Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften Schriftenreihe der Erdwissenschaftlichen Kommission vol 1.

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After the Balochistan the FATA and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province is richest in mineral resources. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA host many metalogenic domains.